The Chromatic Crow Gallery is an online presentation of my father's art.

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John F. Miller

My father, John F. Miller (b.1928 Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.A., d.2017 Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.), had a long career as a creative person. He has done...

He also taught others so they could fulfill their goals in the visual arts. Notably he was at Cornish College of the Arts (Seattle, WA, USA) as a member of the Design Department for over 30 years. Considering his creative works, whether it was designing a stage set, building a puppet or painting on canvas, it seems to me that my father desired to illustrate scenes from stories, showing characters, places and things, or just evoking moods and ideas. I used to watch him work and have fun, which I think is reflected in his pieces. My desire now is to share some of his work with the world - and with you.

This Web Site

John F Miller and son, Benjamin A Miller

John F Miller with son, Benjamin,
circa 1998 A.D.

I am Benjamin A. Miller (b.1960 in Detroit, Michigan, USA). For most of my life I've been a resident of Seattle, Washington, USA. Among my various activities, I do custom web sites under the business name BAM Works/Webcraft.

This web site I do for my father; I dedicate it to him. I present a selection of his art work in this web site. Please check back as I intend to add more of his images.

This site includes:

  1. Pictures - characters, places, things and entire scenes
  2. Designs - abstract images or patterns
  3. Puppets - currently shadow puppets

Technically the site is mostly hand coded in Notepad. With HTML, CSS and some JavaScript, I made it responsive to various sizes from wide screen monitors to cell phones. While I've done this as a nod to our widening assortment of hardware accessing the Internet, I recommend viewing the art at this web site at least once from a regular computer screen where the images are larger. Stylistically I've kept the site simple so it does not overwhelm the art on display.

Please be aware that all the art here is protected by copyright. To remind you of this, a chromatic crow appears as you move your cursor over each image. If you want copies of any of these images, please buy prints.

Thank you for visiting.

The Print Shop

At CafePress

I have had an account at CafePress.com for years. I have decided to start offering prints through them. I like the idea of seeing my father's art on mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, and other items there.

Currently at the CafePress Chromatic Crow Shop prints are available on the following:

I plan on adding additional items featuring my father's art, so please check back. If you wish a print on an particular item you don't see, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

To reach the Print Shop site, click the link at the top of these pages. Also, below each image of my father's art in this site is a link which will take you to the page with that image's prints.

About the shop's web pages. The template with the CafePress shop is not as responsive to different screen widths as I have done with this site. Currently it is best to view the shop from a larger sized screen, like on a large tablet or desktop monitor. I am working on the script to add to the template to make it (a bit more)responsive. I will have this ready someday -- then you'll be able to visit the shop even from your cell phone without having to zoom or scroll (at lot). I will post an announcement when this adjustment is done.

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